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It’s your Wedding Day and what could be a more elegant start to your special day, than arriving in style at the church in a beautiful horse drawn carriage.


Waterfront Carriages based in Liverpool can provide you with a unique start to your wedding day. A beautiful horse drawn carriage will collect you from your home and take you to church ensuring you arrive in style for your wedding. We will then wait for you throughout the service and photographs and take you to the wedding reception.


To suit your kind of wedding you can choose from Landau or a Midnight Blue Carraige. We also have the only White Princess Carriage in Liverpool. The carriages are pulled by either a beautiful classic black horse or a black and white horse.


Why not also have our 10 seater horse drawn omnibus for your Bridesmaids, family and friends. All the carriages have hoods, so come rain or shine your day will be kept special. Wherever you are planning to have your wedding, make sure you arrive in style in an elegant Waterfront Carriage (we can travel all over Liverpool and to any destination in England)


Our horse drawn Omnibus can also be used for fetes, children’s birthday parties or any other special occasion.


An Original 1880's funeral hearse. The Hearse is in imaculate condition with crome fittings inside. The Hearse is pulled by a black fression called Archie. Archie will be wearing a black plume on his head. On your way to the church or cremitorium we will stop at any memorable place that you would like to visit.


Please note we are fully licensed and insured
Call Ron to discuss your travel requirements and make the happiest day of your life even more memorable and individual with Waterfront Carriages.


Arrive in Style to your wedding with Waterfront Carriages


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